Contract Manufacturing

We have the following contract-manufacturing capabilities:

  • Tablets and/or capsules nutraceutical products in bulk, bottles or blister packs.
  • Powder nutraceutical products in bulk or sachet packs.
  • Liquid nutraceutical products in bulk or bottle packs.
  • Spray-drying services for flavours and other botanical ingredients.

Botanical Manufacturing

We manufacture the highest grade of botanical extracts for use by a wide range of industries, including for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health and agricultural industries. Botanical extracts can be supplied in a wide range of forms.

There are various types of botanical extracts available, ranging from soft to strong and liquid to solid, depending on which stage of the extraction and manufacturing process they are derived from. The type of botanical extract required will depend on the specific application and purpose for which it is required.

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    Botanicals Brochure

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    Liquid form extract, containing between 1-5% botanical extract. Tinctures are manufactured by soaking the plant material in a carefully selected solvent or blend of solvents.

    Strong Infusions

    Liquid form extract, containing between 5-10% botanical extract.

    Liquid Extracts

    Liquid form extract, containing between 15-25% botanical extract.

    Soft Extracts

    Semi-solid (paste) form extract, containing 65-75% botanical extract.

    Spray Dried Extracts

    Powder form extract, containing between 25-30% botanical extract.

    Dry Extracts

    Solid form extract, containing more than 95% botanical extract.

    We carefully research, develop and test a wide range of botanical ingredients, sometimes referred to as phytogenics, for use by the agricultural industry.

    These highly active and natural botanical compounds have a growing role in the intensive environment of the modern agricultural business. Botanical extracts can promote the natural health and well-being of animals; increase agricultural outputs (e.g. milk output); reduce bacterial infection (e.g. campylobacter infection rates in chickens); reduce the environmental
    impact of intensive faming; and also reducing the use of synthetic drugs within the industry such as antibiotics.

    Botanical extracts can also be used as an additive to enhance the taste and palatability of feed, thereby promoting feeding and healthy weight gain.


    Good Manufacturing Practice Good Manufacturing Practice


    We are certified GMP by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and inspected on a regular basis to ensure full pharmaceutical grade compliance in our productions systems and processes.



    We are certified to British Retail Consortium Grade “AA” standard, guaranteeing to our customers that we meet the highest global standards of food safety in our production, processes and products.

    SEDEX Membership SEDEX Membership


    SEDEX membership ensures ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains, with a focus on labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

    ISO 9001:2008 Certification ISO 9001:2008 Certification


    The ISO 9001 certification from the International Organisation for Standardisations ensures the highest Quality Management System within our company.



    We are certified to British Retail Consortium Grade “AA” standard, guaranteeing to our customers that we meet the highest global standards of food safety in our production, processes and products.



    KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading global kosher certification agency operating across six continents.


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